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AHappyGarden.com teaches you how to easily grow a gorgeous, edible home garden! Whether you are an experienced gardener or a first timer, we have answers for your plant problems. With simple, actionable advice, recommendations on proven products, and information on how to plot, plan and grow your dream garden, we have it all.

Vegetable Garden

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Trying your hand at homesteading? Read all of our expert vegetable gardening tips and troubleshooting advice. It’s surprisingly simple to grow your own vegetables, especially when you know how what success looks like and how to get ahead of common problems.

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Herb Garden

grow your own culinary herbs

Whether you’re planting an herb garden indoors or outdoors, all year long or just for a season, we have you covered. Learn about all of the types of herbs you can easily grow at home for an endless supply of fresh, fragrant, versatile herbs.

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Growing Fruit

grow your own fruit at home

Grow fresh, juicy, deliciously sweet fruit right in your own backyard! Not only will you have the most in-season produce but you’ll save tons of money if you grow your favorite berries and fruits right at home!

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Garden Tips & How To’s

garden tips and tricks

Not sure where to get started? Here are perfectly crafted articles to help you get you started on your first garden! With helpful tips and advice, we lay it out so you can take action with confidence! Read all about our tips and trick for a successful garden every year!

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