Top 5 Ugly Garden Decor and Planters

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In the never ending search for cute and unique garden decor or flower planters, I come across some interesting items. And by interesting, I mean ugly garden decor and planters. Do you ever find yourself looking at something and not being able to decide it’s so bad it should be banished for ever, or so bad it’s good?!

That is kind of how I feel about some garden decor that is out there. I’m not sure if the creators are trying to be funny, or what. However, I thought I would share with you all a nice little list of ugly garden decor and planters that I wish I could buy and kind of need.

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The Top 5 Ugly Garden Decor and Planters List

#1 Zombie Gnombie Goth Gnome

Coming in at #1 on the ugly garden planter list, is this guy. Like, why? For Halloween I get it, but I imagine people don’t just buy this guy specifically for Halloween.

If I didn’t like my neighbors, I might buy it and put it closest to their property just to be spiteful. Luckily, I have some good neighbors. So yea, this is an ugly garden gnome for sure and takes my #1 spot and wins the ugly garden decor prize.

Get yours here: Zombie Gnombie Goth Gnome

#2 Aunt Minnie the Muggly Statue Face

Poor Aunt Minnie, can’t catch a break not having arms and some mega cankles. So this one comes in at a strong #2 on the ugly garden planter list because it’s terrible, but I kind of want to own one and then give it out as a gift to people just to see their face.

It’s a little mean but come on. I also totally overlooked the lack of torso, so Aunt Minnie is really killing it. Don’t you just want to pinch her cheeks and grow her some fabulous hair?!

Help Aunt Minnie Out, get here here: Aunt Minnie the Muggly Statue Face Planter

#3 Uncle Carmine the Muggly Statue Face 

You can’t honor Aunt Minnie and not bring Uncle Carmine to the mix. The only reason Uncle Carmine didn’t rank higher is because this is a ladies first world and he’s a polite gentleman. He’s so angry, and stumpy, and a little wonk eyed. I really also enjoy his hammer toes.

In my opinion, Uncle Carmine can mean mug all he wants because I will eventually buy him and figure it out from there. I kinda need him in my life and this is a real need.

Bring Uncle Carmine home, buy him here: Uncle Carmine the Muggly Statue Face

#4 Star Trek Gorn Ugly Garden Decor

The weeds are coming! This one goes over my head and secures a rightful spot on the ugly garden decor list.

If there were a Game of Thrones fan in my life I guess this could be a nice white elephant gift? I’d rather have Aunt Minnie on my laugh if I’m being honest.

If this is your guy, pick him up here: Game of Thrones Garden Gnome

#5 Shark Attack

I legitimately laughed out loud when I saw this one. It just doesn’t make any sense but I love it! First of all, what is a shark doing on your lawn, he doesn’t even match! Second of all, why is there a gnome in the ocean. Thirdly, that is either one giant gnome or one teeny little shark. The proportions are way off, how unrealistic!

Maybe it’s the poor gnomes eyes being squeezed out of his body that throws it off for me. Whatever it is, this would make a nice gift for your fellow shark lovers.

Get yours! Shark Attach Gnome

Ugly Garden Decor and Planters Runner Up

So that makes up the list of the ugliest garden planters and decor that I have found but I’d be remiss to not mention the whole bodyless family of Aunt Minnie and Uncle Carmine. I really am obsessed with them and wouldn’t this be super weird to have them all?!

You also have to check out Alien Brother Roswell and Hippie Jerry!

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