9 Best Gardening Hacks and DIY’s

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Isn’t it fun looking for the best and savvy gardening hacks and DIY’s and trying them out at home? If you’re feeling creative and looking for innovative, budget friendly, or organic ways to spruce up your garden, keep reading!

‘Tis the season to spend all of our time getting our hands dirty, shoes muddy, and souls happy. It’s gardening season and we are here for it!

Don’t you love all things about gardening because it’s fun to see your efforts come to life. It’s even better to benefit from all that hard work!

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Best Gardening Hacks

Don’t you just love a good hack to get your garden right where it needs to be?

If you love shortcuts, convenience, and quick ways to improve your home garden, take a look at the 5 garden hacks below from some of our favorite gardeners!

Year Round Fresh Herbs

Enjoy fresh herbs year round with a windowsill garden. Easily grow your favorite spices and fresh ingredients right in your own home. This is a budget friendly way to make the most flavorful and fresh food in the kitchen.

Grow Up, Save Space

Did you know that you could save precious ground space and grow those sprawling strawberries vertically? It make sense, they are vines and perennials and will eventually need a ton of space that you might not want to give up.

Urbangardengal.com shares their best advice on how, and why, you should grow strawberries vertically.

Newspaper Garden Hack

There is no reason to struggle with weeds in your garden. There is also absolutely no reason to grow your own veggies and then douse them in chemicals. Getgreenbewell.com offers some great gardening tips to fight weeds with an easy, organic, and inexpensive solution with newspaper.

Beat Bugs

Have a bug problem? We have some fantastic ideas on how to keep bugs from eating your plants. And if you haven’t yet discovered the many Diatomaceous earth uses and garden benefits, you’re missing out on one of the best natural pest deterrents available for organic gardening!

Caffeinate Your Plants

Coffee grounds in your garden? Absolutely says foreverfreenmom.com Here are 10 creative, and useful, reasons for why you should be using coffee grounds in your garden.

Fun & Useful Garden Hacks and DIY

Best Garden DIY Hacks

DIY Planter Box

CookEatGo.com teaches us how to add a little excitement and curb appeal to your boring home for cheap! Build your own planter box and customize it any way you please. You’ll love how easy this is and how much color your can add to your landscape!

Composting 101

Composting has gotten to be rather popular these days, and for good reason. There are so many benefits to composting but you may not know how to get started. Pinkfortitude.com, breaks it down for us on how to get started composting and reduce, reuse, and recycle!

Cold Frame Gardening DIY

What is cold frame gardening and why do you want it? Earthfoodandfire.com explains this a rewarding project that you can enjoy beyond your standard growing season. Get the most out of your garden with this fun DIY!

Free Water

Conserve water and protect the environment by jumping on the sustainability bandwagon by making your own rain barrel. DianeFarmer.com shows us how to this this on the cheap. If you’ve wanted a rain barrel for awhile but can’t afford one, why not just make one?