Best Gifts for a Gardener You Need to Buy Now!

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Looking for the best gifts for a gardener in your life? Shopping for gardeners makes is fun and super easy. Being able to purchase useful, unique items for someone’s garden will be sure to please anyone. From decorative stones to practical tools, or garden boots, finding something to fit anyone’s taste and personality are a breeze.

If you’re looking for some ideas, check out this roundup of the must have garden tools, and best gifts for any gardener at any price point! Perhaps you see something you like for yourself too!

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Best Gifts for a Gardener Under $15

Garden Journal and Plant Markers

Get these custom made Garden Plant Markers for FREE to accompany this thorough garden planner and journal. It comes as a simple PDF printable ebook that you can easily and cheaply get bound. Wrap it up as your own personalized gift to keep your favorite gardener organized this season! Buy it for ONLY $6!

print free garden planner labels and garden markers
garden planner and journal printable pdf

Cute Succulent Pots and Planters

Ok, not only does just about everyone LOVE succulents, but decorating with them is so much fun too! Try gifting cute succulent planters or pot set to your loved one this holiday.

You can purchase from a variety of designs and options, from modern to quirky and fun. They can even be used as indoor herb garden planters!

Soil PH Meter

We all know that plants need water and sunlight to grow, but what many people don’t know is that the pH level of the soil is also crucial for plant growth. In fact, a soil pH meter is one of the most important tools for any gardener.

A soil ph meter allows you to test the pH level of your soil and make adjustments as needed. By keeping your soil’s pH in balance, you can ensure healthy plants with great yields!

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Best Gifts for a Gardener Under $50

A Carry All: A Gardeners Tool Belt!

Having a one stop shop for all of your gardening tools PLUS a basket is an essential part of garden enjoyment. This Garden Tool Basket/Caddy is perfect for gathering all of your tools in one clutch along with your daily harvest!

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Another great option for use is being able to drop weeds into the bucket as you move through the garden and clean things up. Being tidy and organized not only allows you to jump right into your project for the day, but it keeps clean up easy and your storage space tidy.

This is a great option for someone who has either a vegetable or a flower garden, or both. The tools are versatile and the basket is perfect for weeds or harvested crops. It comes with everything you need! This is truly one of the best and perfect gifts for a gardener, whether a novice or a pro.

Garden Shoes or Garden Boots

This is one of those often overlooked purchase the gardener in your life with forget. Or, if they don’t think about spoiling themselves, chances are they don’t have a good pair of gardening shoes. If there is one quintessential garden supply your loved one needs, it’s a reliable and SAFE pair of garden boots to protect them.

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Whether shopping for a man, woman or child, there are a ton of options to choose from when looking for the right garden shoe. Regardless of their style or color, you can count on them providing the necessary protective layer between their feet and sharp garden tools.

Jam Making Supplies

I’d be remiss to leave off such an absolute necessity must have gift like a jam preservation kit. How else would anyone enjoy all their hard work from their glorious harvest if they can’t preserve them?

If you’re gifting, these are very thoughtful and intentional gifts for a gardener as it allows everyone to not only enjoy the fruits of their labors, but also get busy in the kitchen. Stretch their talent by offering this complete 7-piece Jam Preserving Set.

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You’ll give them everything they need to make their own jams and jelly’s and enjoy the sweet taste of culinary success.

Greenhouses: A Perfect Garden Gift

A greenhouse is a wonderful gift for someone who enjoys a longer growing season. If small enough, it can be stored on a patio or deck, or in your home.

A Patio greenhouse like this one is a perfect garden gift as it’s small enough for any space! It is especially ideal for someone who likes to start growing seeds indoors, or having exotic plants that need a little more care.

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You can start seedlings and young plants in the greenhouse, provide protection from the elements, and elongate your growing season for herbs and vegetables.

You can grow anything in a greenhouse from vegetables, flowers, herbs, plants and whatever else you can think of. Keep the elements and bugs away all year!

This is one of the most absolute top wish list items for any gardener who lives in locations where the seasons and frost times can be long and unpredictable!

Decorative Bird Bath

One of the best things about having an active garden is getting to enjoy the nature that attracts them! Why not surprise your loved one with a beautiful, decorative bird bath? This is a great gift for a gardener as it will allow them to attract beautiful birds and butterflies. Not only is this a visual benefit, but can also help pollination! See how thoughtful you are!

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Any water feature, for that matter, is an excellent choice to surprise your loved one! Check out this post for more water feature ideas!

Fresh Indoor Herb Garden Kit

Similar to a greenhouse, an indoor herb garden allows your gardener to enjoy fresh herbs all year long. This Indoor Herb Garden Kit  is a nicer, smaller option, that anyone can use if they like to cook and include fresh ingredients in their recipes.

It’s easy to get started with everything you need in this kit and can be placed anywhere! This particular kit comes with drip trays, seed trays, humidity domes, label sticks, 36 soil pucks and 18 herb seeds.

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This is also a great gift for someone who would like a garden, but doesn’t have the space. Perfect for small spaces like apartments and dorm rooms!

Herb seeds included:  Basil, Dill, Oregano, Parsley, Chives, Mustard, Cilantro, Sage, Rosemary, Thyme, Garlic Chives, Arugula, Anise, Fennel, Peppermint, Lemon Basil, Thai Basil

Best Gifts for a Gardener Under $150

Composting Bin

Here is a great example of a must have garden tool you will need, especially if you’re going organic. Most will probably have their own system of composting, but it may not be the most efficient, or clean way of working.

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Offer this great garden gift to your loved one to support their composting efforts, and ease their back pain with the standing, and rolling, composting bin to enrich their soil! If you give them enough gifts for their best garden yet, hopefully you’ll reap the rewards too!

Stunning Garden Decor

Everyone loves to decorate and enjoy their garden! What’s better than decorating a garden? Help them add some personality by gifting this beautiful Decorative Wagon Planter. It’s decorative and functional! This is ideal for a flower garden to display a beautiful array of florals but can also be used for herbs.

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It’s very on trend now with a rustic and antique design made from solid wood. It does come on working wheels and can be easily moved with or without contents inside. The planting box is deep and large allowing ample space for your planting and allows for healthy plant growth.

Here are some other rather unique, and quirky garden décor options to consider!

Raised Garden Beds

This one of the absolute best, must have gifts for any gardener who may find it difficult to bend and kneel for extended periods of time. Allow your loved one to enjoy a garden without having the difficult task of having to get up and down repeatedly.

This is also a fantastic gift for an area with limited space, allowing you to maximize what you have. An Elevated Garden Bed is the best way to have a beautiful and productive garden. This one in particular is nice and large with a bin capacity of nearly 32 gallons.

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It can hold all types of vegetables, herbs, flowers and plants. Additionally, it can also come indoors when the weather turns. This can serve a practical and functional purpose, or a decorative one.

New Power Tools

New or updated power tools are a must have garden tool for any homeowner. There are those in our lives who may have a garage full of gadgets and equipment. They may have used them dearly and for ages, as they are tried and true performers.

However, those are the same people who tend to not buy new equipment with newer technology. Among the list of best gifts for any gardener would be a new electric power washer.

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It will help them realize that your amazing gift is going to get the job done better and faster! This is such a nifty tool to have in anyone’s arsenal to power wash anything.

Power Washers have come a long way in the past few years. You might be amazed over the updates lightweight, electric, and pressure features.